The global workforce has changed tremendously during the past decade and your workplace is part of that change. Labor trends, increased use of technology for goods and services, and the reduction of workers at all levels has generated a need to view employment and self-sufficiency in a new light. If you have children, they will need to be able to work in a 21st century work environment with a diverse workforce which will entail jobs which are being developed as they enter elementary grades or high school. STATIONS is the quick resource guide that offers suggestions and time-proven strategies to parents and professionals who interact with children and young adult workers.

STATIONS is a collection of essays that provides food for thought as we make our way through the different situations, stages and decisions that will ultimately affect personal lifestyles and career options. STATIONS examines childhood academic and social skills, and addresses the challenging task of teaching children to be healthy and financially sound while preparing them to thrive and survive in a global workforce driven by cutting edge technology and ongoing competition. STATIONS is concise, amusing, informative and frank in its discussion of life’s everyday circumstances including social media and proactive workplace practices that affect all of us from childhood through adulthood.

Author Dr. Lynda Mubarak shares her thoughts about surviving in a digital world, adult education, personal growth, health, and career transitions. It is a valuable self-help resource book for those with young children, tech savvy teens, and other family members looking for a new outlook on life. STATIONS is inspiring, amusing, and filled with common sense reminders that we often ignore.

Is it time to change stations, mindsets, and re-brand your behaviors, lifestyle or employment goals? Dr. Lynda believes that we all have gifts and many of them are never unwrapped.

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