Your reputation as a writer can be destroyed by common grammar and punctuation errors! 

This is especially true for new authors!

There may be times when you need constructive criticism of your manuscript. Do not ask family and loved ones to review your manuscript.  Family and close associates will sometimes sugarcoat areas that need to be addressed in an objective manner.  This is the time that you need truthful, insightful feedback that will help you improve your writing and its outcome.  In addition,  join a writer’s club or group that meets regularly that will listen to you read, offer suggestions, or give you some options to consider.  Frankly stated, you need honesty, not coddling. Sharing your work is a sensitive issue, but if you need sincere input, choose your critics wisely.  Lastly, your BFF is not the one for this job!

As you draw closer to the publishing phase of your writing, your best investment is to hire a professional editor.  Fans do not appreciate paying top dollar for a book filled with errors in punctuation and grammar. In addition, they will not forgive you when posting a review online for the world to see. Most novice writers who refused to solicit a copy editor will tell you it was one of the biggest mistakes in their career.

Like all other things, write with the end in mind!

I cannot think of anybody who doesn’t need an editor, even though some people claim they don’t. ~~Toni Morrison

What are your thoughts on constructive criticism? How do you feel about being corrected on your work?



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