lynda-mubarak-blogWelcome to my blog! As you can see, I love old fashioned, southern lemonade because my grandmother made it for me when she knew I was coming to visit her. It was cool, refreshing, and always lifted me. I remember the days when I sat on her front porch and sipped the summer afternoons away.

My lemonade welcome to you involves discussing personal growth and change, and let’s not forget the new buzzword for those seeking a transition; rebranding! This blog is devoted to positive, uplifting concepts and practices that will assist you in writing your first book, transforming your lifestyle, or enhancing your chances for success in your current or future workplace.

STATIONS: Chapter 12, “The Almighty Credit Score”

  The American Credit Score continues to gain momentum as a hiring factor in the labor force and offers employers a different mode of viewing prospective employees, especially those seeking high level positions. In fact, the combination of those three numbers can...

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STATIONS – CHAPTER 9, Are Your Kids Competing in STEM?

The world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is opening new doors for fresh bright minds and your child represents one of those minds. Utilize every advantage to introduce your child to STEM activities including camps, exploration events, tours and...

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Hire a Copy Editor!

Your reputation as a writer can be destroyed by common grammar and punctuation errors!  This is especially true for new authors! There may be times when you need constructive criticism of your manuscript. Do not ask family and loved ones to review your manuscript....

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Rose Bud Imaginations: Annette Whitaker-Moss

Annette is an inspirational writer and poet who speaks from the heart and tells the story like it is! She will make you laugh, cry and reflect.  Her artistic abilities represent the theme of a yellow rose.  Annette's Theme  "The Promise of New Beginnings" Her work...

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Living in Waco, Texas in the 1950s was not easy, but... It  would seem that growing up in segregated Waco, Texas in the 1950s would be filled with challenges and disappointments for any African-American child, but one little girl learned everything possible about the...

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