lynda-mubarak-blogWelcome to my blog! As you can see, I love old fashioned, southern lemonade because my grandmother made it for me when she knew I was coming to visit her. It was cool, refreshing, and always lifted me. I remember the days when I sat on her front porch and sipped the summer afternoons away.

My lemonade welcome to you involves discussing personal growth and change, and let’s not forget the new buzzword for those seeking a transition; rebranding! This blog is devoted to positive, uplifting concepts and practices that will assist you in writing your first book, transforming your lifestyle, or enhancing your chances for success in your current or future workplace.


Do  you postpone things until your back is up against the wall? The self-defeating behavior of putting things off until later robs you of one of your finest resources – time. Time is a valuable life component that cannot be purchased, rented, or ignored and most...

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For many years I observed people working in various jobs and had conversations with persons who worked full time, part time, or seasonal. The airports, hospitals, public schools, military, supermarkets, pharmacies, service stations, banks, and post offices are filled...

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