Marilyn A. Williams: Creating Historical Books for Children – Answering Important Questions 

Marilyn A. Williams grew up in a rural town in Oklahoma with her loving grandparents. After graduating from high school Marilyn moved to Dallas and attended the University of  North Texas.  Marilyn was taught early to understand the importance of preparation, hard work, and respect. She applied those values to her endeavors by making an inventory of resources, planning activities for efficiency, and by working on her objectives every single day.  She strongly believes that her disciplined upbringing contributed to her resilience and ability to move forward in life while facing many challenges. Marilyn began her writing career by creating children’s books and short stories and states, “It pays to have an imagination and the gift of storytelling if you’re going to be a non-fiction writer of children’s books.” And as it happens, Marilyn is one of those rare gems that goes to the depths of creativity and knows just how to accomplish her writing goals. She has published her first children’s book entitled “Black Man White House –  President Barack Obama: Overcoming the Odds.”  She is very proud of this publication as she is an avid history buff. Marilyn received her B.A. and  M.Ed. from Dallas Baptist University and a M.S. in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems from the University of North Texas. Marilyn is currently an Adjunct Professor at Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX. If your upper elementary or middle school child or class is in need of a social studies supplement or history discussion of slavery and its aftermath, then Black Man – White House is the appropriate book. kid-and-bookIn the same manner, Black Man – White House is also an excellent resource for those middle school students who need an overview of the history of the civil rights movement and a thorough discussion of the election of  Barack H. Obama as the first African-American president. This unique book is simple enough for elementary level comprehension, but is also filled with sufficient historical data that older students will appreciate. Black Man – White House – President Barack Obama: Overcoming the Odds by Marilyn A. Williams is available at or you can contact Professor Williams at:


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