When I met Karen Anderson at the Chamas Brazilian Steakhouse in August 2016 I had no idea that she was so full of talent. Karen’s skills as a creator of books and various media production projects is praise worthy to say the least. She is a combination filmmaker, photographer and author. Karen believes everyone has a story and knows a visual image is a great way to capture a moment.  She makes it a priority to capture moments that help others celebrate, think and appreciate all that they have. Karen is a native of Ft. Worth, TX and graduated from Texas Christian University with degrees in Film-Production and Journalism. She also worked in the journalism field while pursuing her love of acting, has performed on stage, and continues her collaboration with local professionals in mass media projects.

In 2005, Karen turned her hobby of photography into a profession. She began by doing weddings and other events. Currently, she is involved in individual and family portraits. As 2016 closes, she will finish her first artist photo shoot, Queens of Freedom.

On the author side, she began writing stories when she was 12 years old and has been at it ever since. In fact, Karen has written and self-published seven books and is currently working on two more. Her books cover several genres including faith, historical drama, crime and intrigue, daily inspiration and devotion, and yes; cyber pirating! This busy and talented lady has written: Dancing During the Storm, ReCovery, Connections, When You Forget Your Phone Number, Caught in the Crosswinds, Destiny’s Dilemma, and The Privateers Saga & Series. short-story-long-story

Karen’s film credits are outstanding when we consider that she wrote and produced the feature film, Family Tree.  Karen allows us to view the personal and very sensitive dynamics of a dysfunctional family that plans and holds a family reunion after years of not speaking to one another. Family Tree was featured in two film festivals; The Oklahoma Urban Film Festival and the Festival International du Pan African in the Cannes in 2015.

Anderson has written, produced and directed a documentary, For Such a Time as This, a history of the African American Church in North Texas and a short film, Wicked & Redeemed: Women of the Bible, a collection of stories of women from the Bible, but presented in a contemporary mode. She also directed and produced a web reality series, Full Grown, an entertaining spin on two mothers who continue to raise their adult, and very grown children.

Is Karen multi-tasking? Yes, she is. Can she handle it? Yes, she can.                    directors-chair

Her body of work is evidence. It’s a wrap. Pass the popcorn!

Visit Karen on Facebook, or at: Karen Anderson UPP Creative 



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