Annette is an inspirational writer and poet who speaks from the heart and tells the story like it is!

She will make you laugh, cry and reflect.  Her artistic abilities represent the theme of a yellow rose.


 Annette’s Theme

 “The Promise of New Beginnings”

Her work includes: Good Kid in Trouble

Eric Wilson has always been obedient, quiet, and somewhat nonchalant. He’s an observer who seems to have no time for the nonsense that surrounds him. As he searches for a secluded spot to gather his thoughts, he finds himself in a predicament where the odds are against him and the path of life, as he intended, may be driven in a different direction. It’s an all too familiar story that many teenagers confront as they deal with information overload and other vices of life in the 21st century.  The end game is always determined by choices along the way and decision-making is tough on the journey to become a man. The story will have you wondering which side to support. When all is said and done, what will you see: a troubled kid, or a good kid in trouble?



One Heart to Another

Poetry for the sensitive heart…

“My mouth will speak with caution, but my tongue has no limits as my heart strives to motivate happiness, joy, and understanding the essence of love and longevity.”   Annette


“Misunderstood some say. Perhaps it’s the perception that needs examining!”     Annette



You can visit Annette Whitaker-Moss at or 

Her poetry is waiting for you.



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