Carver Park by Dr. Lynda J. Mubarak

carver-park-by-lynda-mubarakCARVER PARK gives us a view into the life of one child who found that regardless of society’s circumstances the persons in our lives provide us with the knowledge and support needed to learn, survive and progress.

Shorty and The Sullivans

Shorty and The Sullivans is a story about empathy, sympathy and compassion. It is also a story about friendship and surprises. It reminds us to be careful when making judgements based on outside appearances. The Shorty story was created to teach young children to gather all the facts before making a decision about an event, person, place, thing or circumstances. Lastly, sometimes the first impression is the wrong impression!

Stations by Dr. Lynda J. Mubarak

stations-by-lynda-mubarakThere is incredible potential and talent present in all of us at every station in life. Much of this potential is never realized, extended, or even explored. STATIONS examines various lifestyle practices and career challenges faced by ordinary people who are seeking personal and professional changes, but have not made a decision to move forward.

STATIONS acknowledges that we are all at different places in life; each with its particular assignments. The assignments, or life lessons, are always repeated until the lessons are mastered. The STATIONS change constantly throughout a lifetime, are filled with challenges, and never cease. You must make critical decisions throughout your working years, adjust your life choices based on your particular circumstances, and remain resilient in a rapidly changing world fueled by knowledge and technology.

If you are fully grounded in your religious or spiritual practices, follow all the moral and ethical rules required to build sound character, but your career is not flourishing or rewarding, there may be some personal lifestyle routines, unrealistic expectations, or self-defeating behaviors worth examining. These factors are often overlooked as we constantly seek a better standard of living or the ideal job. These hidden issues could be the missing pieces related to your current situation.

STATIONS is a collection of articles created with the tenured employee, new worker, returning worker, or family next door in mind. The author addresses everyday circumstances with simple discussions to give you pause as you reflect on your personal or family lifestyle, prepare your children for future employment, rebrand your resume, or review your career options.

Where did you get the name STATIONS?

My grandmother loved to bake pastry. When I was about six years old I sat at her little kitchen table and watched her mix the ingredients for another cake and she began talking about life and people. She said, “Everyone is at a different station in life. The stations are never equal. They may be alike in some ways, but they are never exactly the same for any of us.

Don’t ever compare your station to another person’s. Some stations are large, some are small, and you will experience both, but your situation belongs to you, and you only. You cannot move on until you finish your station assignment(s). No one can take your place and vice versa. There are no trade offs. Your life journey is your own and you will have to take care of your stations as you pass through them. One last thing Lynda, never laugh at another person’s station. Who knows what’s in store for you tomorrow.”

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