GUY THINKINGOne of the quiet pleasures in life is finding or creating a project that is both beneficial to ourselves or the community in some way.  Everyone needs a personal project.  However, in order to be successful, personal projects must have some very essential ingredients.

This is not a group activity!  

In other words, it must have meaning for you.  Whatever you choose; it’s your baby. It must be fun and enjoyable for you!  If your project increases your anxiety level, it is not a personal project; it is simply another burden you have created for yourself.   Please keep in mind that The Project is created to remove you from the pressures of life, family dynamics, world conflict, or other things that upset your stomach, strain your credit card limit and boggle the mind. 

Remember, it’s your kingdom——don’t drag everyone else into it.

  • If a friend or family member finds out about your little endeavor, don’t waste your time discussing it with them unless you think they are capable of finding some comfort or peace in knowing about it. Otherwise, you will be regarded as strange, pursuing another weird endeavor, a money wasting maniac, a dreamer, and you will probably be discussed by anyone and everyone who has a communication device.
  • Your project can be ongoing and even change with time.
  • Your project should always be done slowly, with care.  Remember, it is the thing that replaced all that time you had on your hands.  So, there is no need to rush, is there?
  • Your project must strengthen your character.
  • The project must elevate you in some way.  So, what have you always wanted to achieve and what is it going to provide for you? 
  • Patience
  • Tolerance for others
  • Perserverance
  • Peace of mind
  • Stress reduction
  • Privacy
  • Inspiration
  • Connection to a higher power
  • Reduce your chat time on the cell phone, Facebook, or other social media
  • Make the world a better place

One of my friends is a hospital volunteer for newborns with AIDS.  I applaud her as she has the emotional capacity and fortitude to do this monthly for the past 10 years.  She is awesome! HIV BABY




MAN TEACHING MAN TO READOne friend is a reader for persons in his neighborhood who cannot decipher simple, but important, personal paperwork ranging from medical statements to a message from an insurance provider.  His goal is to teach adult literacy to persons who have limited or no reading skills.  


Another associate with a green thumb created a community garden on a vacant lot for persons in a special area of town who needed fresh vegetables. Currently, there is no major grocery store or city bus service available in this ‘food desert.’BEST GARDEN IMAGE

A lifelong friend and her husband drive to the East Lancaster area between the Union Gospel building and the Presbyterian Night Shelter in Ft. Worth and give bottled water to persons who are without shelter on hot Saturday evenings.

A Facebook friend was told told by his doctor to reduce his high blood pressure or stay tuned for a heart attack.  He adopted a rescue dog, began a morning routine of walking with his new friend, and his health has improved. He spends hours with his new pet (and confidante) instead of absorbing negativity from his environment! MAN WALKING DOG COLOR
OK, what are you waiting for? You’ve been thinking about something particular for a long, long time.  If the word VOLUNTEER is not in your vocabulary, get going anyway!  Do something to improve your life—-lose weight, plan for your retirement, save more money,  create a family business, eat healthy, exercise daily, talk less and listen more?

Go ahead, make a decision, smile and get going.  It’s time to get personal!

I write books, what do you do?


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