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Carver Park #RWYK Great Read Certified

From “It’s Friday! And it’s time to enjoy the weekend, to spread love and to share a wonderful book with you all to read with your kids. We’re excited to be back with another wonderful book that is both entertaining and educational for you and your family. That book is none other than our brand NEW Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read “Carver Park” written by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak!”

Maxine’s New Job: #RWYK Great Read Certified

From “Happy Friday Everyone, Reading with Your Kids would like to wish everyone peace, blessings and love today and all days!

Let us grace our Friday with a very exciting announcement. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. We are proud and overjoyed to introduce you all to another children’s book which has all the features it takes to become a ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read and that book is none other than Maxine’s New Job written by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak and illustrated by Adua Hernandez!!”

Amazon Reviews for Maxine’s New Job

5.0 out of 5 stars: We LOVE Maxine’s New Job written by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak and how it encourages kids to help others.
By Jedlieon July 20, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

….Maxine’s New Job is a nice introduction to what a neighbor is and the role a neighbor should play. Teaching service and helping others can’t be done through direct instruction. You can share positive examples of service via stories in great children’s books and Dr. Lynda’s book does a wonderful job at teaching kindness, service, and helping others. I especially love the sense of community that is prominent throughout the book. It introduces kids to what a community service is and the importance of serving people in need.

It’s a good lesson for our children to learn, that although everyone has deficiencies in some area, there is always something we can do to help if we are looking for opportunities and making ourselves available….What I particularly liked about this book is that it features a young black girl as an adorable protagonist of the story. We know that all children love seeing faces like theirs within the pages of their picture books, but it can be hard to find books starring kids of color. Dr. Lynda’s book not only gives children of color an opportunity to see themselves in stories but also helps broaden the perspective of all children by fostering children’s sense of empathy and connection with characters who might look different from themselves…..Highly recommended to kids of all ages!
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5.0 out of 5 stars: @ Home Librarian Book Reviews
By: Elizabeth Wrotenon July 11, 2018
Format: Paperback

We’re back in the world of Shorty and the Sullivans, this time across the street with Maxine Hill, a precocious fourth grader. Maxine is an adorable girl with big glasses and a big heart. Her family is gentle too and I enjoyed meeting them. The illustrations have a cozy feeling to them as we see into the places in Maxine’s world….I think the story and length does make the book a better fit for older audiences, first or second grade and up. If you could get your third and fourth graders into it, it would be great!

From a social justice standpoint I thought this book really tackled some interesting problems. Maxine and her family support being involved in community and helping out how and when they can. They volunteer at a food pantry once a month and started to do so after Maxine noticed an unhoused man and began asking questions…It’s this ethic of service that leads Maxine to help Mrs. Sullivan, her neighbor across the street, solve a problem. It turns out Mrs Sullivan is functionally illiterate, largely because she struggled so much in school learning to read, never got the help she needed to be successful, and then dropped out of school. I have never seen a picture book that takes on this issue, but it isn’t an uncommon one…I love books that take a positive stance on children stepping in and stepping up, even if it’s not totally plausible. I think it’s a representation of sorts. It shows kids they can help and puts faith in them. No need to squash their optimism and willingness to do good. If anything I think it encourages them to stay engaged and find ways they can help even if it doesn’t look exactly the way they first think it will.
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