Second Thoughts

I  ran into an old friend at Walmart last week. HE: Lynda Jones, (He still calls me Lynda Jones) somebody told me you write books now. Is that true? ME: Yes. HE: Did you always know you would become an author? ME: Sorta, kinda. It was always somewhere in my mind. HE:...

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Shorty and The Sullivans

    The Sullivans are a senior couple who enjoy their garden, beautiful lawn, and their big, black dog, Ebony Joyce. They call her Ebony J. One day Mrs. Sullivan decided to walk to the neighbor pharmacy to pick up her eye drops and their lives changed in an instant!...

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Maxine’s New Job

Maxine Hill is an inquisitive fourth grade student. She spends a lot of time reading, talking to her best friend, Amanda, and playing with her cat, Amos. She also enjoys crossword puzzles and volunteers at a local food pantry with her parents each month.  But, Maxine...

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Stations for Kids by Dr. Lynda

Stations for Kids creates stories for young children with a focus on early literacy, community service, global empathy and human compassion. The world is a better place when a child learns the importance of cooperation and collaboration with other human beings and...

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SHORTY & THE SULLIVANS: Never second guess a dog!

My name is Shorty. Yes, I am a dog. I have one thing to say before we continue this conversation. Dogs and people have one thing in common. Things are never what they seem to be on the surface. You can't tell a book by its cover. I'm located in one of  Dr. Lynda's...

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Welcome to Stations for Kids!

Stations for Kids is a new section of my site that includes publications for kids and parental suggestions for promoting early literacy. It's never too early or too late to learn something new.  My first book for Stations for Kids is Carver Park.  Follow Lynda Jones...

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Carver Park and Stations are available at the stores listed below. Click the logo of your favorite bookstore and get your copy today!



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