Meet Sheryl Grace: “He Calls Her Blue”

Growing up in the small town of St. Gabriel, Louisiana, Sheryl began her love for writing in high school.  Her inspiration to become a writer was prompted after reading Maya Angelou’s, “ I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. 

In her high school days, she begin to write short stories and winning literary contests.  She continued her love for writing in college where she wrote fluid poetry.  After graduating with a degree in Mental Health Counseling, she began her career as a licensed Mental Health clinician. Through her life and work experiences, characters begin to formulate in her head that she had to share.  The desire to create a female character that could overcome even the worse of life events, filled her day and night dreams. 

In her first novel of a series, she introduces you to a character called Blue. The life experiences of Blue will make your heart pound, ache, leave you breathless and filled with hope. You will hang on to the edges of the pages to see if she can rise from victim to triumphant.

Sheryl is the author to watch as she rises to the NYT best seller list. For more information, please visit her website @

“He Calls Her Blue”

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