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mubarak-butterflyThis is a very good book to share with the ones you love. I read the first few chapters with my teenager. We were both in awe of how this book described her to a tee. This is a very good book to share with the ones you love


I read the book and it is a great way to look at how we live in today’s world. If you are looking at the evaluation of your life, you need to consider reading Stations by Dr. Lynda Mubarak. I read the book and it is a great way to look at how we live in today’s media driven, technology based, want it now world.

-Dr. Mary J. Payton

mubarak-butterfly-rtA new meaning of the term’Self Help’ – The author has used her book to give a more complete meaning to the terms ‘self help’ and ‘self improvement’. I love it that she has explained that to successfully transition through the different stages or ‘Stations’ of life, one must be observant and prepared to help our children make the journey with us, as well!

-L Caldwell

I got a chance to meet Lynda mubarak. It was a great honor as I aspire to be a writer I also got a signed edition of her book I started reading the book and I found myself Turning Page after page as I was truly intrigued by Miss Mubaraks writing and I’m so happy to say I finished it in one sitting it was a very short but yet very good read and I found myself turning chapter to chapter I was so fascinated by how Miss Mubarak captured the realistic views of life and help people might change their perspective and how people might go through stations in their life I just want to say I’ve never felt more attached to a book like this because I’ve never read one that was so realistic thank you for giving this wonderful gift I can’t wait to see her go through life stations as a wonderful author.

-Amazon Customer

mubarak-butterflyWhat a great challenge Mrs. Mubarak offers us! This is an exceptional book that impacts the various “Stations” in life that carry us from one step to the next in our career choices, education preparation, life successes, and health and financial sucesses. It speaks to elementary students, teens, young adults, and adults in this fast pace of the twenty-first century. No one should be left behind. Get your ticket now at the station! Especially our children! Every parent should read this book.

~Dorothy Sweet Calhoun, Author

This brought back all kinds of memories of my past. Most of what’s in this book preview is dead on. The world has changed so much in a few decades and the demands on us to be adaptable to that change is so strong it’s hard to keep up. This book will certainly provide useful information that just about everyone can use. I applaud the author.

~T. Jones

mubarak-butterfly-rtI began reading “Stations” today and find this book captivating!
It always feels good when you find a book that not only helps add to a learning experience but, makes you want to share!!


“STATIONS” is thoughtful, insightful, and offers practical information that anyone can use. A very easy read from beginning to end.

~Amazon Customer

This book is right on point about life’s problems and is an inspiration to the reader make better decisions.


The aptly titled Stations is probably best appreciated as an extended Public Service Announcement on personal, social and professional fulfillment and wellness from the perspective of a visionary educator and citizen invested in the survival of present and future generations.

The fact that the experience opens with a shout-out to grandmothers is creatively deliberate, as the persona compares her world with that of her grandchildren and mentees. But this grandmother is not a despairing, garment-rending fossil lamenting the passing of the good old days. Rather, she rejoices in the new social, cultural and technological realities that were unimaginable in her youth, exhorting millennials and older folk in transition to employ these new realities on the journey toward healthy self-realization.

In reading Stations, three sayings from my own childhood were reinforced: “An old man sitting down can see farther than a young man standing up” (African proverb); “The child is the father of the man” (Freud); And gladly would he teach, and gladly learn’ (Chaucer, describing the divinity student in The Canterbury Tales). And while each station on the narrative journey dispenses advice, it is never preachy or condescending. In fact, Mubarak, an experienced educator, skillfully combines personal narrative with a somewhat controlled stream of consciousness, revealing her own vulnerabilities and past mistakes along the way. The result is a light-hearted, easy-to-read exploration of the relationships between skills identification, education and training, fulfillment, project commitment, success, and personal and communal responsibility. The tone and structure of each chapter, or vignette, is designed to reach a generation where sound bytes and images are the preferred mode of communication. Advice and encouragement are underscored by non-intrusive statistics, anecdotal accounts, imagined scenarios, and resource references.

As an educator in global languages and cultures, advisor and mentor, I recommend Stations to all students, parents, teachers, employers, and friends. School Guidance Counselors, and college Student Affairs and Career offices would do well to include this tome on their lists of recommended readings. (Ezra. S. Engling)

– Sam Ling

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