I  ran into an old friend at Walmart last week.

HE: Lynda Jones, (He still calls me Lynda Jones) somebody told me you write books now. Is that true?
ME: Yes.
HE: Did you always know you would become an author?
ME: Sorta, kinda. It was always somewhere in my mind.
HE: But you never said anything to anyone about it.
ME: Never.
HE: Why not?
ME: I didn’t think anybody cared.
HE: Well, that makes sense. Good luck on your new venture.
We said our goodbyes and parted. I opened my bag of M & Ms on the way to my car and began thinking about some other people who shared some personal thoughts with me over the years.


One friend became an accountant, but her secret choice was gourmet cook. Another friend did very well in the insurance industry but always had thoughts of opening a canine rescue center. And there was the female, co-worker, math teacher who always wanted to own an antique car repair shop. Her brothers taught her the craft when she was in elementary school and she never forgot it.  

We all have one thing in common–we never told anyone until later in life. I downed a few more M & Ms and another thought crossed my mind. My other secret wish was to become a veterinarian. Hmm, Tuskegee has one of the finest vet programs in the world. Wonder if they would consider my application…Will get back to that thought later. I need to get to the Dollar Tree before it closes!

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