Young consumers will be better shoppers if they are introduced to the value of a sound credit score before using the first credit card.

The American Credit Score continues to gain momentum as a hiring factor in the labor force and offers employers a different mode of viewing prospective employees, especially those seeking high level positions. In fact, the combination of those three numbers can have an adverse affect on your career options and purchasing power.

The MBA from Harvard won’t matter if your credit score is 377. In the same manner, the president of J. P. Morgan Chase won’t offer you the job of a lifetime if your payment habits reflect risky, financial behavior.

If you can’t manage your personal financial affairs, you certainly can’t be trusted with a million dollar portfolio in the investment division of any organization.  In the world of digital information your credit score is an instant snapshot of your credibility.  It goes without saying, the three numbers of your credit score are as important as your social security number in your career journey.  Handle with care!

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